Walk like a Crustacean

The Lady takes her Lobster for a walk.  Screenprinted  stationery by Michelle Rose. Lobster design by Christopher Larochelle.  A set of 5 wrapped in wraphia.

“Mary Tyler Moore and the love of her life, Spike.” This apparently occurred in a seafood restaurant in Malibu, California. There was a tank there with a big, old lobster named Spike. I guess Mary was somewhat upset by the prospect of this venerable lobster being stuck in this tank. She offered to buy Spike for a thousand dollars so she could fly him to Maine and release him. The restaurant owner refused to sell Spike, having grown quite attached to him.

Mary Tyler Moore continued her crusade and joined up with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to protest lobster eating. They have a little mascot [and motto], which says, “Being boiled hurts.” Unfortunately, their mascot is red, which suggests it’s already been boiled. But that’s a minor detail.”- from http://news.nationalgeographic.com


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