The “Bird Women” of Maine

A series of 6″x6″ prints representing the “Bird Lady’s” of Northern Maine. 

The Northern Forest is part of the largest stretch of continuous forest east of the Mississippi.  About 15 million acres is located in Northern Maine and only 1% is protected as wilderness.  The majority of this land is owned by paper companies.  In recent years, the amount of land that has been sold and developed has increased significantly.  But a rash of unusual occurences have developers thinking twice about where they want to start cutting. 

In 2005, Joel O’Conner, a former executive at Plum Creek Timber, now residing at a Fort Kent Psychiatric Facility gave a detailed account of being held for days, deep in the Maine woods by a group of 20 or more women.   He told doctors that the women were articulate, friendly and attractive. He doesn’t remember the actual abduction but remembers waking up, being bound by a large piece of rope, one end tied around his foot and the other to a tree.  The women would visit him in shifts,  some would feed him, some would ask questions about his company, and others would just sit and talk to him about life in general.  He told of being left in a circular shaped clearing in the woods and how every once in a while the women would just “appear”.  On the morning of the third day, he woke to see a group of women walking toward him.   He claimed that they were wearing animal type hats.   Each women wore a headress of a different type of animal, some birds, some insects, and others shellfish.   Without speaking,   the women untied him from his tree and led him through the woods.  As he walked along, his head tilted back and he could see what he called “large bird’s nest” up in the trees.  He estimated that these nests were about 6 feet across and 6 feet high made of what looked like leaves, twigs and some kind of mud.   That was the last he remembers.

Since the story of Mr. O’Conners experience was told in a local Fort Kent newspaper,  at least 15 others have come forward claiming to have seen the Bird Lady’s.  Most are “former” employees of large paper companies  that say they never reported the incidents for fear of losing their jobs.  Each person has a similar story of women wearing animal type headdress’s and of being interrogated although non besides Mr.O’Conner have claimed to see their “nests”.

Prints have been sealed and antiqued on wood.   Each 6″x6″.  See them at Minka 5 union st. Kennebunkport, Maine. or visit


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