Are you clean?


Most soap on the market today is made up of a mixture of chemicals.  One chemical causes soap to lather, ( lots of lather makes you think your getting clean.)  contains SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), a highly toxic cleansing and foaming agent found in toothpast, shower gels and soaps to create lather.  It’s also used to clean engines and to clean floors.

MINKA’s All natural Castile Shower Gel: is made from olive oil instead of animal fat.   Olive oil is extremely beneficial to the skin, it doesn’t leave a film and helps to keep the skin naturally moisturized. Contains high amounts of vitamin E which helps the skin heal.  It’s 100% all natural.  That means nothing that mother nature didn’t make herself can be found in these products.  Scented with pure essential oils.

Scrub the dead skin away with Sea Salt Scrub then wash your body with Castile shower gel and finish your body care with Minka’s Body Butter.  or


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