Vote for Minka!

Minka just applied for a $250,000 grant and we need 250 votes to make us eligible!

Minka is a modern gallery & boutique that features all-natural and locally made accessories , home goods  and apothecary.  Husband and wife team, Michelle and Christopher Larochelle, use natural, sustainable and renewable products when possible and support local vendors and suppliers. All supplies including ribbon, jewelry boxes, paper supplies, etc. are 100% post-consumer recycled and made in the U.S.

We seek out local talented artists, crafters, tradesman and builders to help construct the Minka vision.

Every dollar spent at Minka is a potential job for our neighbors.

Please help us move on to the next level and vote for us! It’s very simple to do.

We need to reach 250 votes by June 30th to qualify for the grant!

Here’s how to vote:
1. visit
2. click the “Support Small Business” button on the lower right.
3. Log in using your Facebook account.
4. Type Minka in the business and choose Maine from the drop down box. Then click ‘Search’
5. It will automatically pull up Minka from Kennebunkport and then click on ‘Vote’

And if you could Share this,

Post it, Tweet it, etc.

We really appreciate your help in helping us reach the goal of 250 Votes!

Chris & Michelle



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