Minka on Minka #1



[Michelle and Chris sit down at the kitchen table]

Chris: “I need a piece of paper to write this down.”

Michelle: “We really should be buzzed for this.”

Chris: “Yeah, but we drank last night.”


Chris: “Since we’re going to start running soon, I guess we can indulge again tonight.”

[20 minutes later, after a trip to store and a glass of cheap but tasty Malbec]

Chris: “Okay let’s do this! What do we have going on this week?”

Michelle: “I just ordered all the leather, the canvas, and the cotton webbing for the handbags. “

Chris: “cool.”

Michelle: “ But the thread was shipped to our house instead of the seamstresses, so that will set us back a week.  ”

Chris: “So we’re looking at two weeks before we get the bags in.”

Michelle: “About that.”

Chris: “What colors did we decide on?”

Michelle: “We’re doing Red, Yellow, Navy, Royal Blue and Green.”

Chris: “Both the canvas Beach bags and the new canvas Bowler?”

Michelle: “YES! I’m SOOO excited! Preppy and Chic!” (Big Smile)


Chris: “ We should definitely use the new Beach Totes in our advertising this summer. Some people might have pegged us as just a jewelry shop. As soon as the bags come in, I’ll get some shots and start working on ads.”

[Pours another glass]

Michelle: “Also, I added another panel to the Signature Bag and I want to see a sample from the girls (seamstresses)  before they  go forward with the new colors.”

Michelle: “…and I just realized, I need to find out what they have left for hardware and magnets. We might need to order more. I’ll send her an email after this.”

Michelle: “…and we have to contact Charlie about having these new cards printed.”

[Michelle holds up a sample card next to a royal Blue canvas swatch]

Michelle: “Oh yeah! Look at that! So cool!”

Michelle: “Man, this wine goes down fast.”

[Both get distracted by something on the television]

[Chris takes photos of different things on the table.]


Chris: “C’mon let’s finish this thing.”

Michelle: “I need a refill!”

[Michelle walks over to the mirror]

Michelle: “I don’t think I should do bangs. What do you think?”

Chris: “You look great in bangs.”


Chris: “Ugh, I was going to paint tonight.”

Michelle: “Yeah, that’s not happening.”

[Pours another glass of wine]



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