Your Mom loves us.

We know this to be true.

Unless.. your Mom is the rare Mom that is not interesteted in beautiful jewelry and plants and yummy smelling lotions.

Mothers Day


Visit us at 3 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine


Coastal Home Decor

We are SUPER excited for Spring/Summer 2015 and to introduce all the new lines. An early arrival, the Whales Tail Serving utensils and cutting board, are hand-carved from Black Walnut. Fully functional art meets stylish kitchenware, these wooden utensils are the perfect addition to a coastal home.

whales tail


Rocks that Illuminate.

We’re loving these beautiful 100% pure beeswax Candles shaped in the form of Maine beach stones.

Modern and rustic, these candles are the perfect addition to a natural tablecape.

beeswax beach stones

Made in Maine

You can purchase these at our retail location in Kennebunkport, Maine or

online at: Beach Stones

Hero Accessories

We’re very excited to be carrying items from Oxgut Hose Company

A new company based in California that takes retired fire hose destined for  landfills and turns them into stylish home goods and accessories. A portion of the profits is donated to the Childrens Burn Foundation.

Log Carrier

Earth 911 article

Treehugger Article

fire house matt

You can find a selection of goods from Oxgut Hose Company at Minka in Kennebunkport

3 Dock Square

Open most days from 11-5

Pinecones and Birch

Pinecones and Birch

It’s Autumn in the great State of Maine and it’s about as beautiful as it gets here. The weather has been amazing.  The vibrant foliage has been holding on,  delaying their inevitable disintegration. The sun shines brightly during the day providing just enough warmth to keep us from complaining.  In the evening, we fire up the wood stoves and put on our wool socks.

In the kitchen, our summer linens are switched to the deep brown, pine cone themed linens. These 100% organic  tea towels are made in Maine and are handprinted by the talented ladies at madder root.  We love the minimal design of these towels blending modern with woodland.

Another home favorite that blends modern with woodland is the Birchware Tumbler. Created in a small studio in central Maine by Elizabeth Radliff, the cups were inspired by the graceful birch trees that surround her home.   These ceramic cups along with the rest of the birchware collection is truly unique dinnerware that embodies the functional elegance of Maine.

You can find  both madder root’s 100% organic linen tea towels along with Minka’s Birchware collection at Minka.


Making it in Maine

State of Maine

MAINE. Vacationland. The way life should be.

State of Maine woodcuts are hand cut, sanded, painted and assembled  in my small studio in coastal Maine. The pine cutouts are attached to barnboard. All of our barnboard is grown, harvested and milled in Maine. Each piece measures  aprox. 6″ x 10″   I really enjoy working with barnwood because of the rich textures and unique characteristics found in every board.  Each State-o-Maine gets its own organic landscape as a backdrop.

There is something special about the state of Maine that summer vacationers, seasonal residents and year round residents all understand. It’s more than just the beautiful surroundings, there is something special in the air. You step over the border into Maine and inhale a mix of inspiration and relaxation.  I wanted to create something that would remind and rekindle that special feeling you have while spending time here.

Maine Inspired

You can find the State O Maine Woodcuts at our boutique in Kennebunkport, or order them online at MinkaHome.

Will I make other states?

Sure, I’ll make other states but Maine will always be the coolest.

Organic Sacks 4 Organic Snacks

It’s Saturday Morning and just like your health concious neighbors, you’re at the local farmers market picking up locally grown,

organic fruits and vegetables.

BUT unlike your neighbors, you’ll have the coolest bags to tote around those yummy groceries.

Organic Linen BAgs

Produce Bags by madder root. Hand-Printed on Organic Linen. Made in Maine

Available at Minka