The meaning behind our name.

A question we are frequently asked is, “What does Minka mean?”
Our name was inspired by the ancient Japanese homes that artists, farmers and merchants lived in. These structures were skillfully crafted with hand tools using natural materials and recognized for their architectural beauty.
Later, we discovered that the word “minka” in Peruvian Indian means “working together”, which is especially fitting for our business. Since our conception, we have always strived to work with and support local suppliers, vendors, and artisans.  Working together with our peers to create a stronger creative community has, and will continue to be, an integral part of our business.
So the meaning of our name, Minka, has layers.
On the outside, it’s about aesthetics and the physical beauty of a design.
On the inside it’s all about our connection with the people that are creating those designs.
Minka Kennebunkport

Shopping & Romance

You’re walking the streets of Kennebunkport, Maine. Snow falls gently as you stroll along the shops of Dock Square.  You come across a place that catches your eye. Flames dance from wooden torches outside of the little boutique.

You go in.

Romance in KPort

When you step inside Minka, you’re immediately greeted by a fresh, natural scent. You notice the natural apothecary area, where you find an array of all-natural bodycare products . You sample the yummy smelling salves and notice that your skin instantly feels refreshed. You decide that Bath Salts and Bodybutter will be a nice treat later in the evening. Mmmm..smells delicious.

minka bodycare

You look around. The store is filled with unique handmade items, most of which are made by the owners, a husband and wife team.  The husband creates the prints, paintings and various other items. You learn that the wife creates the natural bodycare line along with the colorful and unique jewelry displayed throughout the store. She also designs the Minka handbags on the wall and composes the modern plantings in the store.  Everything is made with love by two people in love.

Kennebunkport romance

After browsing the boutique for a while, you decide on a few essential items. Must haves. Stylish reminders of your time spent in Kennebunkport. At the counter, you mention how much you think your daughter would love the store. She’s actually getting married in Kennebunkport sometime this summer and you’ll recommend that she stops in. Then to your surpise, you learn that the owner is an accomplished floral designer! She would love to speak with your daughter about her upcoming wedding. How wonderful!

Weddings kennebunkport

You leave the store feeling satisified. The snow is still falling. You look down the road and see the warm red lights glowing from store windows. It’s a perfect path to the delicious dinner you are about to enjoy.

Kennebunkport really is a special place. #lovekpt