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Bird heads


The number 5 and World Peace.

world peace

Before I started this series, the number 5 was following me everywhere. I would see the number 5 projected onto the screen in my mind before I went to bed and then again when I woke up in the morning. I wanted to take this image out from in front of me and move it to a new location. So I painted the number 5 on a piece of *wood  and successfully transferred it from inside my head to its current location inside Minka.

“But why the number 5?” I asked myself.  Then I did a little research.

I discovered that 5 is the number commonly attributed to man, as in Human.  We have 5 appendages, (two legs, two arms and a head). We have five toes on each foot (traveling) and five fingers on each hand (greeting) We also have five senses.

5 is also a reoccurring number in most religions.  In Judaism, the Torah is comprised of five books. In Islam, there are five prayers each day. In Hinduism, five signifies the number of the life principles. The Buddhist Code of Ethics are called the 5 Precepts.  And 5 is all over the Bible,  it is the number of God’s grace or goodness toward man.  And there are many more examples.

So, man is 5 and Five is a significant number in most religions.

This information leads me to think…

Wouldn’t it be great if a diverse group of religious and spiritual leaders got together to discuss all the things they had in common? Then they could take  this information and pass it along to their students. After doing a little more research I discovered that this is actually happening.  Interfaith Dialogue is “constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions”.  There are quite a few groups and individuals that are actively promoting Interfaith Dialogue.  Good to know.

So then I painted a couple of anchors.

Of course the anchor is a common image found in most seaside towns,  but the anchor is also a symbol of hope, solidity, and tranquility.  An anchor keeps the ship firm and steady during stormy weather. Its job is to connect the ship with a bed of land at the bottom of the ocean. (There are 5 oceans.)

What does this all mean?

Is it possible that I am on my way to cracking a code to World Peace?  Possibly. Maybe. Probably not.  But a simple number 5 has now become a “Significant number 5” because I allowed it to take me down a  particular path.

Always follow the signs to peace.

P.S.   As I was writing this, we received a phone order. I processed the order and packaged it up. Then I started to write our return address in the upper left hand corner…

 5 Union St.  What?

The definition of Union: “Harmony resulting from the uniting of individuals.”

Minka Gallery*Wood is the traditional gift associated with a 5th wedding anniversary.

Interfaith organisations: